Incident for ( 2003-02-02

Site Name
Deepweb No
Founder FBI
Active from 2003-01-10
Active until 2004-01-01
Information TheGrifters was a members-only "carding" site that Thomas launched in December 2003, eight months after beginning his work for the FBI. The goal of the site was to attract identity and bank thieves. It was the kind of site authorities called a "build it and they will come" site. And they did. By mid-2004 the site was crawling with thieves trafficking in fake IDs, stolen credit card numbers, card-embossing equipment and ATM skimmers that capture data on a debit cards magnetic stripe so criminals can encode it on blank cards and drain an account. TheGrifters was a successful crime hub in a crowded field, competing with other sites like Shadowcrew, CarderPlanet and DarkProfits to attract the biggest criminals.
Pending No
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Crime Carding
Sector Financial services Private equity
Authorities FBI Secret Service