Incident for Qasir Mukhtar 2012-03-16

First Name Qasir
Other Name
Last Name Mukhtar
Alias Caliber
DOB Unknown
Age 27
Gender male
Location US
Information - vendor of counterfeit plastics, holograms, and signature panels.
Pending Outcome No
Damages Costs Unknown
Date Of Crime Unknown
Occupation student
Crime(s) Hacking
Sector(s) Private equity
Charge(s) Participate in a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Conspiracy to Engage in a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Unlawful Possession, Production, and Trafficking in Device-making Equipment
Authorities FBI HSI
Authorities Statement view
Authority Operations Open Market
Lawyers Todd Leventhal
Prosecutors Paul Usher
Judges Mark L. Wolf