Incident for Ameer Elashmawy 2020-10-28

First Name Ameer
Other Name
Last Name Elashmawy
DOB Unknown
Age 28
Gender male
Location US
Information On January 6, 2020, after an employee noticed unusual activity on the Trillium Health network and traced the activity to a device located at Elashmawy’s work area, Trillium Health contacted law enforcement and an investigation began into the defendant’s cyber intrusion into co-worker's accounts. The investigation included a review of three USB thumb drives, an HP laptop computer, two work Dell PCs a hard drive, and two Apple I-phones, and the suspect device. A preliminarily review of the items identified that at least 14 identified victims, all employees from Trillium Health, had their personal accounts (social media, I-cloud, etc.) compromised by Elashmawy. The data reviewed included personal explicit photos and videos of the victims as well as numerous photos of the victim’s driver’s licenses, credit cards, social security cards, and other personal data. During the course of the investigation and continued analysis of computer devices, it was learned that additional employees or former employees of Trillium Health had been victimized by the defendant.
Pending Outcome Yes
Damages Costs Unknown
Date Of Crime Unknown
Crime(s) Hacking
Victim(s) Trillium Health
Charge(s) unauthorized access of a protected computer Identity theft
Authorities FBI
Authorities Statement view
Prosecutors Melissa M. Marangola
Judges Mark W. Pedersen