Incident for Jason Whitehead 2020-10-28

First Name Jason
Other Name
Last Name Whitehead
DOB Unknown
Age 41
Gender male
Location US
Information According to court documents and statements made in court, Whitehead worked at PayFlex, a company that administered health care and dependent care spending accounts for corporate employees. PayFlex was acquired by Aetna Inc. in 2011. Whitehead worked at the PayFlex division until approximately August 2017, when he transferred to another division at Aetna. However, he retained his employee access to PayFlex’s computer systems via his login credentials. From September 2016 through July 2019, Whitehead defrauded multiple corporate victims of monies intended to be paid to the victims’ employees for dependent care reimbursements. Using access he had to PayFlex’s systems, Whitehead created multiple fictitious employees at three different victim companies. He then submitted to PayFlex dozens of fraudulent reimbursement claims for dependent care expenses by the fictitious employees. Through this scheme, PayFlex made $176,200 in payments to Whitehead and to third parties that Whitehead designated.
Pending Outcome No
Damages Costs Unknown
Date Of Crime Unknown
Victim(s) PayFlex
Authorities FBI
Authorities Statement view
Prosecutors David T. Huang
Judges Alvin W. Thompson
Plea Yes
Plea Date 2020-10-28
Plea Info guilty
Restitution Yes
Restitution Amount 176200