Incident for Conor Freeman 2019-05-19

First Name Conor
Other Name
Last Name Freeman
DOB Unknown
Age 21
Gender male
Location IE
Information accused of stealing bitcoins
Pending Outcome No
Damages Costs 2187977
Date Of Crime 2018-01-01
Collective The Community
Crime(s) Fraud
Sector(s) private
Motovation(s) profit
Charge(s) knowingly engaging in the possession of the proceeds of crime
Authorities Gardai
Authorities Statement view
Lawyers Paul O’Carroll
Prosecutors John Berry
Judges Martin Nolan
Plea Yes
Plea Date 2020-07-17
Plea Info guilty
Convicted Yes
Convicted Date 2020-11-18
Sentenced Yes
Sentenced Date 2020-11-18
Sentenced Information
Sentenced Jail Yes
Sentenced Months 35


Location IE
Authority 0
Bailed No
Bailed Date
Bail Information
Bail Conditions
Bail Costs
Bail Refused No
Bail Refused Date
Bail Refused Why
Bail Skipped No
Free Release No
Free Release Date