Incident for Aaron Brewer 2020-07-02

First Name Aaron
Other Name
Last Name Brewer
DOB Unknown
Age 39
Gender male
Location US
Information According to court documents, the defendant allegedly sold cocaine, heroin, and other drugs via the dark web. He allegedly accepted payment in cryptocurrency, primarily bitcoin, and then shipped the drugs to customers’ addresses through the U.S. mail and other shipping services.
Pending Outcome Yes
Damages Costs Unknown
Date Of Crime Unknown
Crime(s) Darkweb Vendor
Motovation(s) profit
Charge(s) conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance distribution of a controlled substance
Authorities FBI
Authorities Statement view
Seized Yes
Seizure Date 2020-07-02
Seizure Info Roughly 650 grams of black tar heroin, cocaine, and OxyContin, two computers, and more than $870 in postage stamps, as well as a ledger outlining 757 drug shipments sent to 609 unique addresses between December 2019 and March 2020.
Plea Yes
Plea Date 2020-12-17
Plea Info guilty


Location US
Authority 0
Bailed No
Bailed Date
Bail Information
Bail Conditions
Bail Costs
Bail Refused No
Bail Refused Date
Bail Refused Why
Bail Skipped No
Free Release No
Free Release Date