First Name Tyler
Other Name C
Last Name King
DOB Unknown
Age 31
Gender male
Location US
Information sentenced today to 57 months in prison for computer fraud and aggravated identity theft in connection with his hacking of a New York-based technology company.
Pending Outcome No
Damages Costs Unknown
Date Of Crime 2015-01-01
Crime(s) Hacking Fraud
Charge(s) Aggravated identity theft
Authorities FBI
Authorities Statement view
Prosecutors Wayne A. Myers Joshua R. Rosenthal
Judges Thomas J. McAvoy
Convicted Yes
Convicted Date 2020-08-13
Sentenced Yes
Sentenced Date 2020-08-13
Sentenced Information
Sentenced Jail Yes
Sentenced Months 57
Fined Yes
Fine Amount 15000
Restitution Yes
Restitution Amount 21000