Incident for Muneeb Akhte 2015-05-04

First Name Muneeb
Other Name
Last Name Akhte
DOB Unknown
Age 23
Gender male
Location US
Information According to the indictment, beginning in or about March 2014, the Akhter brothers and coconspirators hacked into the website of a cosmetics company and stole its customers’ credit card and personal information. They used the stolen information to purchase goods and services, including flights, hotel reservations, and attendance at professional conferences. In addition, the brothers and coconspirators devised a scheme to hack into computer systems at the U.S. Department of State to access network traffic and to obtain passport information.
Pending Outcome Yes
Damages Costs Unknown
Date Of Crime Unknown
Occupation financial trader
Crime(s) Hacking Cyber Fraud
Sector(s) Private equity Financial services
Charge(s) Aggravated identity theft Conspiracy to commit wire fraud conspiracy to access a protected computer without authorization access of a protected computer without authorization conspiracy to access a government computer without authorization false statements obstruction of justice
Authorities Homeland Security
Authorities Statement view
Lawyers Joel Smith
Prosecutors WILKIE, DAVID M
Judges Quentin Purdy