First Name Unknown
Other Name
Last Name
Alias Kamlakant, Sunil
DOB Unknown
Age 20
Gender male
Location IN
Information Cyber crime team of Gurugram arrested the hacker and found dat till the moment hacker has transferred more than 4 lakhs in his account from his loan customers account.A cyber crime branch also found that hacker used to make fake accounts and transfer money in his account with the hacking techniques. ACP informed that EX- employee was belonging to Natthu Colony of Nathupura , Delhi. He also claimed that Sunil was planning to do the fraud of crores of money and planned to run away after giving completion to such plannings. Culprit was arrested after the complaints of customers that their loan amount is not coming in their accounts after which cyber crime branch was concerned and started investigation and it has prevented crores of scam that may have drowned the company and affected many customers.
Pending Outcome Yes
Damages Costs 0
Date Of Crime Unknown
Authorities Indian Police
Authorities Statement view