Incident for Leonard Rose Jr 1990-02-01

First Name Leonard
Other Name
Last Name Rose Jr
Alias Terminus
DOB Unknown
Age 32
Gender male
Location US
Wiki Leonard_Rose_hacker
Information He wrote an article for Phrack explaining how trojan horses worked and excerpted 21 lines of the AT&T SVR3.2 "login.c" source code. The two counts of wire fraud stemmed from him sending two pieces of email the actual article containing excerpts of login.c to the publishers of Phrack on two separate occasions, as Craig Neidorf aka Knight Lightning; then the co-publisher of Phrack had accidentally deleted the original mail. Other counts in the original indictment were from writing a brute force password decryption program using a dictionary attack, which the US Federal Government considered "burglary tools", and tried to approach much like a burglar carrying something to break in to a physical residence during the commission of a crime.
Pending Outcome No
Damages Costs Unknown
Date Of Crime Unknown
Occupation IT
Collective Legion Of Doom
Crime(s) Blogging Research
Sector(s) Private equity
Charge(s) Wire Fraud
Authorities FBI Secret Service
Authorities Statement view
Authority Operations Sundevil
Lawyers Jeremy Schneider
Prosecutors Robert Strang
Judges Sam Sparks
Sentenced Yes
Sentenced Date 1991-06-12
Sentenced Information 12months
Sentenced Jail Yes
Sentenced Months 12



Bailed No
Bailed Date
Bail Information
Bail Conditions
Bail Costs
Bail Refused No
Bail Refused Date
Bail Refused Why
Bail Skipped No
Free Release No
Free Release Date