Incident for Eugene Kashpureff 1997-09-12

First Name Eugene
Other Name E
Last Name Kashpureff
DOB Unknown
Age 32
Gender male
Location US
Information KASHPUREFF worked to perfect this DNS corruption over a one-year period, under the name "Operation DNS Storm." As a result of KASHPUREFFs actions, between July 10 and 14, 1997, and again between July 21 and 24, 1997, thousands of Internet users throughout the world trying to reach InterNIC were involuntarily rerouted to AlterNICs Web Site, and were impeded from registering or updating the registration of domain names. After launching his Internet attacks, KASHPUREFF boasted to the media about the effects of his scheme, claiming that he could divert all communications destined for China, the 100 most visited Web Sites in the world, and the White House Web Site. On September 12, 1997, a criminal complaint and warrant for KASHPUREFFs arrest were obtained. After discovering that KASHPUREFF had left the United States and was residing in Canada, the government initiated extradition proceedings with the Canadian Department of Justice. Canadian authorities arrested KASHPUREFF in Toronto where he remained in custody for almost two months while he resisted extradition to the United States. On December 24, 1997, after waiving extradition, KASHPUREFF was turned over by Canada to United States authorities and arraigned on charges in Brooklyn.
Pending Outcome No
Damages Costs Unknown
Date Of Crime Unknown
Operation DNS Storm
Occupation IT
Crime(s) Hacking
Sector(s) Private equity
Authorities FBI Canadian Police
Authorities Statement view
Lawyers William J. Hughes Jr
Prosecutors Nicole Friedlander
Judges Edward Korman
Custody Yes
Custody Start 1997-10-31
Custody End 1998-12-24
Custody Location
Extradited Yes
Extradited Trial
Extradited Trial Start
Extradited Trial End
Extradited Date 1997-12-24
Extradited From CA
Extradited To US
Plea Yes
Plea Date 1998-03-19
Plea Info guilty
Sentenced Yes
Sentenced Date 1998-12-24
Sentenced Information 12 months probation
Sentenced Jail Yes
Sentenced Months 0
Sentenced Probation Yes
Sentenced Probation Months


Bailed No
Bailed Date
Bail Information
Bail Conditions
Bail Costs
Bail Refused No
Bail Refused Date
Bail Refused Why
Bail Skipped No
Free Release No
Free Release Date