Incident for Amin Shokohi 2016-03-24

First Name Amin
Other Name
Last Name Shokohi
DOB Unknown
Age 25
Gender male
Location IR
Wanted 1
Information Shokohi is a computer hacker who helped build the botnet used by ITSEC to carry out its portion of the DDoS campaign and created malware used to direct the botnet to engage in those attacks. During the time that he worked in support of the DDoS campaign, Shokohi received credit for his computer intrusion work from the Iranian government towards his completion of his mandatory military service requirement in Iran.
Pending Outcome Yes
Damages Costs Unknown
Date Of Crime Unknown
Occupation student
Crime(s) Hacking DDoS
Sector(s) Private equity
Authorities FBI
Authorities Statement view
Lawyers Shanon L. Gray
Prosecutors Nicole Friedlander
Judges Barbara Forrester