First Name Lu
Other Name
Last Name Chun
DOB Unknown
Age 21
Gender male
Location CN
Information He stole a dial-up number of a firm in Beijing last June and worked out the password with the help of downloaded softwares. Since then, Lu has been surfing Internet free of charge using the number. Lu shared the dial-up number with friends and even posted a banner of "Good buy - 100 yuan for 150-hour-access" on Web to sell it. More than 1000 persons have used the number to access Internet, bring a loss of 400,000 yuan US$48,000 to the firm. The victim firm ascertained the leakage of its dial-up number as the reason for its ever rocketing access fees in Febuary and filed the case to Beijing police.
Pending Outcome No
Damages Costs Unknown
Date Of Crime Unknown
Occupation student
Crime(s) Hacking
Sector(s) Private equity
Authorities Chinese Police
Authorities Statement view
Lawyers Lisa Grey
Prosecutors Paul Addison
Judges Alan J. Meyer