Incident for Onur Kopçak 2013-01-11

First Name Onur
Other Name
Last Name Kopçak
DOB Unknown
Age 23
Gender male
Location TR
Information Accused of being apart of a phishing and data theft scheme. first arrested in 2013 and was sentenced to 199 years 7 months and 10 days in prison by the Criminal Court of Appeals for the 8th circuit after 43 bank customers had filed complaints about their credit card details being copied. 2016 came along and Kopcak was back in court on charges of selling 11 consumer details on a deepweb black market, as a result a further 135 year sentence was handed down totalling 334 years all together. Kopcak is presently confined in the Osmaniye prison in the Adana Province in south-central Anatolia.
Pending Outcome No
Damages Costs Unknown
Date Of Crime Unknown
Occupation Manager
Crime(s) Phishing
Sector(s) Private equity
Charge(s) Hacking Data theft
Authorities Turkish Police
Authorities Statement view
Lawyers David Bertan
Prosecutors Paul Usher
Judges Kimba Wood
Custody Yes
Custody Start 2013-01-06
Custody End
Custody Location
Convicted Yes
Convicted Date 2013-01-08
Sentenced Yes
Sentenced Date 2016-01-11
Sentenced Information He was sentenced to a total of 199 years, 7 months and 10 days imprisonment in 2013 and a futher 135 years was handed down in 2016
Sentenced Jail Yes
Sentenced Months 1807


Bailed No
Bailed Date
Bail Information
Bail Conditions
Bail Costs
Bail Refused No
Bail Refused Date
Bail Refused Why
Bail Skipped No
Free Release No
Free Release Date