Incident for Tiversa 2016-03-17

Name Tiversa
Founder Robert Boback
Information The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided Tiversa’s Pittsburgh headquarters in early March and seized documents, the people said. The Justice Department’s criminal investigation of Tiversa began after Richard Wallace, a former Tiversa employee, alleged in a 2015 Federal Trade Commission hearing that the cybersecurity firm gave the agency doctored evidence purporting to prove corporate data breaches, the people said. Wallace testified that Tiversa falsified information to make it appear that sensitive data was being accessed by users across the country. Tiversas information led the FTC to examine whether companies failed to protect consumer data, according to testimony from Wallace and people with knowledge of the FTC inquiries, which can lead to civil charges and settlements with the companies. David Schertler, an attorney at Schertler and Onorato LLP who is representing Tiversa, said the company is cooperating with the investigation.
Pending No
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Crime Hacking
Sector Private equity
Authorities FBI