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Group Incidents

Fraud Scheme Impersonated Legitimate Accountholders and Charged Over Half a Million Dollars’ Worth of Devices to Victim Accounts
dismantled the criminal network behind the GozNym banking malware
Chinese military personnel charged with computer fraud, economic espionage and wire fraud for hacking into credit reporting agency Equifax
Two International Cybercriminal Rings Dismantled and Eight Defendants Indicted for Causing Tens of Millions of Dollars in Losses in Digital Advertising Fraud
ATLANTA - A federal grand jury in Atlanta has returned an indictment charging Faramarz Shahi Savandi and Mohammed Mehdi Shah Mansouri with committing a sophisticated ransomware attack on the City of Atlanta in March 2018 in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
Two Ukrainian men have been charged for their roles in a large-scale, international conspiracy to hack into the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) computer systems and profit by trading on critical information they stole.

15 ddos for hire services seized2018-12-20 00:00:00 UTC

15 ddos for hire services seized and operators charged

Three Arrested for Magecart attacks2019-12-20 00:00:00 UTC

Three Arrested

35 darknet venders arrested2018-06-26 00:00:00 UTC

First Nationwide Undercover Operation Targeting Darknet Vendors Results in Arrests of More Than 35 Individuals Selling Illicit Goods and the Seizure of Weapons, Drugs and More Than $23.6 Million
Four International Hacking Suspects Charged with racketeering conspiracy to develop and distribute malware through the major computer hacking forum known as Darkode.
Four arrested in Brazil suspected of hacking into government officials

5 arrested for alleged hacking2017-10-12 00:00:00 UTC

5 arrested for alleged hacking

4 arrested fr game of thrones leaks2017-08-14 00:00:00 UTC

4 arrested fr game of thrones leaks
2 arrested in London for identity theft. Police allege that the two used a computer to change information, steal someone’s identity and transfer $7,500 into their own accounts.
According to the allegations in the superseding indictment filed in Columbia, South Carolina, beginning in or around October 2007, Abedian and Jeloudar, residing in the Islamic Republic of Iran, conspired together to violate multiple U.S. criminal statutes. Specifically, the indictment alleges they obtained stolen credit card numbers and related personal information by hacking and otherwise, and used that information to fraudulently and by extortion obtain money, goods and services from U.S.-based and foreign victims. As part of the conspiracy, between 2011 and 2016, Abedian used malicious software, or “malware,” to capture the credit card and other personal information of individuals who had transacted with certain merchants’ websites. Abedian then used that information to commit identity theft and to obtain goods and services by fraud, and, on some occasions, Abedian then transmitted the stolen information to Jeloudar. For example, on or about Feb. 21, 2012, Abedian sent Jeloudar approximately 30,000 names and numbers, which he said were unauthorized credit card numbers and associated information. As part of the conspiracy, in or around March 2012 and April 2012, Jeloudar ordered and obtained various equipment, servers, and internet hosting services from a provider in South Carolina using stolen credit card numbers and other personal identifiers.
Alan Ralsky, Ten Others, Indicted in International Illegal Spamming and Stock Fraud Scheme
21 members of cyber fraud gang arrested
92 Chinese and Taiwanese cyber crime suspects after allegedly forming a syndicate targeting other foreign nationals based in Indonesia.
Jakarta Metro Police Arrest 29 Chinese Citizens Committing International Cyber Crime

3 men sentenced for fraud refund scam2017-07-28 00:00:00 UTC

3 men sentenced for fraud refund scam. Bieseman and a 17-year-old youth, engaged in a similar fraudulent activity, used James Hulse to launder the ‘fees’ they earned through his online payment account.
undisclosed amount of hackers have been arrested for breaching a popular hotel application.
9 Chinese Hackers have been arrested for Fireball malware, known as one of the biggest malware infections to date.
2 arrested and detained for links to Hansa
4 teen hackers arrested for stealing usd 300,000
Rezakhah would conduct unauthorized intrusions into victim networks to steal the desired software. Once the software was obtained, Ajily marketed and sold the software through various companies and associates to Iranian entities, including universities and military and government entities, specifically noting that such sales were in contravention of U.S. export controls and sanctions.
4 indicted for Luring Robbery Victims with Online Ads for Escorts
3 arrested in connected to IDC Italian darknet Community

3 arrested for cyber attacks2017-04-03 00:00:00 UTC

3 arrested for cyber attacks that alleged to have perpetrated an email blackmail scheme that targeted five White House officials.
Two charged with laundering proceeds of malware crime on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud UK clearing banks of a sum in excess of £2 million.

four indicted for yahoo breach2017-03-15 00:00:00 UTC

The defendants used unauthorized access to Yahoo’s systems to steal information from about at least 500 million Yahoo accounts and then used some of that stolen information to obtain unauthorized access to the contents of accounts at Yahoo, Google and other webmail providers, including accounts of Russian journalists, U.S. and Russian government officials and private-sector employees of financial, transportation and other companies. One of the defendants also exploited his access to Yahoo’s network for his personal financial gain, by searching Yahoo user communications for credit card and gift card account numbers, redirecting a subset of Yahoo search engine web traffic so he could make commissions and enabling the theft of the contacts of at least 30 million Yahoo accounts to facilitate a spam campaign.