What happened to Arresttracker.com

The website, content and everything is still exactly the same i have just made the choice to a fit a more suited name to this service as it covers much more than arrests.

What makes Cybercrimeincidenttracker.com Unique

CCIT (Cyber Crime Incident Tracker) is unique because all information is checked and entered manually, our systems main goal is to generate advanced statistics that unlike any other service out there while providing a single source of information for cyber crime incidents also like no other service out there.

Our data goes deep, back beyond the 80s up till current data and we take huge pride in the work put in to making sure every single incident is correct and accurate at time of publishing.

Im Listed, i want out!

If by chance you happen to be listed on our website, you may contact us to talk about opt-out options (note that this is not a free service). We reserve the right to publish all information on this site as it is source from news articles, websites, legal documents and other methods. All information displayed on our website is freely avaliable via other public sources.

Where does CCIT Source its information?

We mainly source information from public police news feeds, general media, websites, archives (for older incidents) and the people listed on the site (yes some have been nice enough to share documents and information).

Whats with all the criminals?

Ok lets get this straight, CCIT does not point any finger at anybody ever due to a single or repeated act they do, people subject to criminal cases related to cyber crime and listed on this website are innocent until proven guilty and or have been released and cleared of any wrong doing or served their time or currently serving time.

Incidents and Assets, what are they?

Following section is a break down of what each type of incident and what asset even is.

Incident (single person)

An incident is based on a single persons single incident. An incident may be part of a group, website or organization.


An Group incident is based on when more than 1 person is detained or similar. Each person has a single incident. An group may also be apart of a website or organization incident.


An Website incident is based when a website is shutdown with direct links to some sort of cyber crime activity. Each website can be apart of a group or organization aswell as have many single incidents attached.


An Organization incident is based when a org is shutdown or criminally charged/questioned or called to court with direct links to some type of cyber crime activity. each organization can be apart of a group as well as have many website or single incidents attached.

What are Assets?

An Asset is a incident, website, organization or groups relational property such as a charge, crime, sector etc. An single asset is often used by many incidents including all persons, websites, organizations and groups.