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DrinkOrDie DoD was one of the most prestigious underground software piracy group and warez trading network during the 1990s.[1] On December 11, 2001, a major law enforcement raid - known as Operation Buccaneer - forced it to close under criminal charges of infringement. DoD, as a rule, received no financial profit for their activities. The DoD network - which primarily consisted of university undergraduates - was also supported by software company employees, who would leak copies of software and other digital media[citation needed]. DoD was also actively involved in illicit file-trading with other networks.


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2003-01-01 Hew Griffiths
2001-12-11 John Sankus
2001-12-11 Barry Erickson
2001-12-11 David Grimes
2001-12-11 Stacey Nawara
2001-12-11 Nathan Hunt
2001-12-11 Sabuj Pattanayek
2001-12-11 Michael Kelly
2001-12-11 Andrew Clardy
2001-12-11 Christopher Tresco
2001-12-11 Derek Eiser
2001-12-11 Kent Kartadinata
2001-12-11 Richard Berry
2001-12-11 Robert Gross
2001-12-11 Myron Cole
2001-12-11 Anthony Buchanan
2001-12-01 Alex Bell
2001-12-01 Steven Dowd
2001-12-01 Mark Vent
2001-12-11 David Anderson
2004-03-01 Travis Myers
2003-07-01 David Russo

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