Authority Operation | Operation Hard Copy

“Operation Hard Copy” targeted a transnational telemarketing advance-fee fraud scheme commonly known as the Jamaican Lottery Fraud. The scheme was designed to prey on elderly and otherwise vulnerable victims and caused them to send their life savings to scammers operating overseas. The District of North Dakota worked with law enforcement to spearhead a multi-year investigation resulting in the extradition of 14 Jamaican nationals and the successful prosecution of 31 defendants in the U.S. District Court for the District of North Dakota. The investigation identified over 100 victims in 31 states and 97 cities across the United States, with reported losses in excess of $6 million. Individual victims lost as little as $199 and as much as $850,000. Nationwide, the number of victims targeted by scammers is likely in the millions, with estimates of annual losses in excess of $1 billion.