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An undercover operation began in October 2000.[2] On December 11, 2001, law enforcement agents in six countries targeted 62 people suspected of violating software copyright, with leads in twenty other countries. U.S. law enforcement agents, led by the United States Customs Service, raided computers in the economics department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,[3] the University of California, Los Angeles, an "off-campus location" of the University of Oregon, and dorm rooms at Duke University and Purdue University.[4] Information obtained led to a subsequent raid at the Rochester Institute of Technology,[5] described by "warez gadfly 'ttol'" as one of "the two major hubs for communications between pirate groups" (along with the University of Twente).[6] However, the universities themselves were not considered targets of the criminal investigation.[7] Several software companies were also raided.[5]


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2003-01-01 Hew Griffiths
2001-12-11 Shane Pitman
2001-12-11 John Sankus
2001-12-11 Barry Erickson
2001-12-11 David Grimes
2001-12-11 Stacey Nawara
2001-12-11 Nathan Hunt
2001-12-11 Sabuj Pattanayek
2001-12-11 Michael Kelly
2001-12-11 Andrew Clardy
2001-12-11 Christopher Tresco
2001-12-11 Mike Nguyen
2001-12-11 Kent Kartadinata
2001-12-11 Richard Berry
2001-12-11 John Riffe
2001-12-11 Robert Gross
2001-12-11 Myron Cole
2001-12-11 Anthony Buchanan
2001-12-01 Alex Bell
2001-12-01 Steven Dowd
2001-12-01 Andrew Eardley
2001-12-01 Mark Vent
2001-12-11 David Anderson
2003-07-01 David Russo

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